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Professional Headlight Restoration in Boise: Enhance Safety and Appearance

newer ford truck with clear headlights

If your car or truck is older, you might have noticed that your headlights are no longer crystal clear. Headlights get cloudy over time. Old headlights are not only an eyesore but they can be dangerous, as well. Foggy headlights can make it hard to see the road at night.

There are tons of videos on YouTube on how to restore headlights using toothpaste or other methods. If you have tried these methods, you probably know that they often don’t work. The good news is that you don’t need to replace an old headlight.

Professional headlight restoration can help you avoid high replacement costs, reduce long-term maintenance needs, and improve driving safety. Here are a few of the other benefits of a professional headlight restoration in Boise.

Improves Safety

Do you trust your headlights? Weather conditions like rain, sleet, and fog can make it very hard to see. Even lights in perfect condition will leave you with visibility that’s decreased by as much as 70 percent in extreme weather. Don’t take the chance of trying to find your way through limited visibility because your headlights are compromised. You can have confidence when your headlights have been adequately maintained using a long-lasting, highly affordable option like professional headlight restoration.

Enhances Your Vehicle’s Visual Appeal

Enhanced driving visibility and safety are the top reasons to seek professional headlight restoration. This process will beautify your car’s appearance because your headlamps will appear shiny and new again. This is a much more affordable way to update your vehicle than purchasing new lenses. Many people that are ready to sell or trade their cars use headlight restoration to increase appeal and value.

Saves You Money

Headlight restoration can save you hundreds of dollars versus replacement. Replacement comes with costs for both labor and parts. You save money over the long-term by doing the process right the first time. Many people who save money by using kits end up paying more in the long run. That’s because they have to do the project twice. The results from most kits begin to disintegrate within six months.

Why Go with a Pro? Professional Headlight Restoration in Boise is The Way To Go

As we pointed out above, many of the DIY fixes that are found on the internet don’t work. Some can even damage your lamps. Replacing your headlights cost a lot more money than restoring them. It is often cheaper, in the long run, to hire a professional headlight restoration company in Boise.

The Professional Process

The professional process for headlight restoration is quite comprehensive. It isn’t easy to do without experience and knowledge. Here’s a rundown of the steps that we use for professional headlight restoration:

  • Protect the paint. We apply tape to the area around the lamp to protect your paint job.

  • Wet sanding. We wet sand the entire headlamp. This step removes oxidation.

  • Polish. We use a rotary polisher to finish the restoration. This last step ensures that your lamps are crystal clear.

Are your headlights in top condition? If not, make a plan to get them looking as good as new today with professional headlight restoration in Boise! Contact Gemstar Detailing or call Justin at 208-971-4652.

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