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5 Key Benefits: Gemstar's Boise Car Interior Detailing

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

It is cost-effective for the vehicle owner.

Routine interior maintenance preserves your vehicle's balance. If you decide to sell it in the future, the cleanliness of the vehicle will not be a contributing factor to the price decrease; instead, it will increase the value. Many Boise residents opt for a maintenance interior detailing package. For more information on our VIP/maintenance packages, check it out below!

Protect Your Vehicle's Upholstery

With the uncertain weather in Boise, Idaho, there are many benefits to choosing an interior detail, especially for your vehicle's upholstery. Hot UV rays during the summer and slush, snow, and ice during the cold winter can affect your vehicle's upholstery and longevity. At Gemstar Auto Detailing in Boise, Idaho, we offer a wide range of services to prevent damage and buildup within the seats. Our Full Interior Detail replenishes your seats to their original condition using special tools to pull deeply embedded dirt from within the upholstery. Additionally, we carry many tools to disinfect the upholstery and use special chemicals to protect and sustain longevity after we are finished!

Protects Your Plastics and Interior Trim from Harmful UV Rays

Scheduling an interior detail at Gemstar Auto Detailing comes with many major benefits. Each detail includes preparation for all plastics and interior trim, followed by a protective layer to ensure UV rays and harmful elements do not ruin or dull the interior pieces of your vehicle. Rest assured that the chemicals we use are not harmful; they actually work in your favor to reduce scratching, fading, tearing, and prevent the buildup of germs and debris!

Stain Removal and Prevention

With each mobile full interior detail, your vehicle's upholstery is shampooed, steam cleaned, and protected. This process ensures your vehicle is free of stains, and any embedded dirt that is likely to stain over time is removed. Gemstar Auto Detailing carries an upholstery chemical designed to prevent dirt and contaminants from embedding themselves into your vehicle's interior. Our process not only freshens up your interior by removing odors, stains, and embedded contaminants but also keeps it protected to ensure longevity.

Increased Driving Safety

Many wonder how interior detailing contributes to driving safety. While some may think it only provides a clean car, there are numerous safety benefits. For instance, have you ever seen windshields with a solid film that appears to be smoke over them? Our interior detailing addresses this issue. At Gemstar Auto Detailing, we use high-quality chemicals to eliminate buildup on the interior, improving visibility. There are also safety benefits for components such as steering wheels, pedals, clusters, and more. Over time, these components accumulate grease and grime, making them slick and difficult to use and see. Our thorough cleaning removes these issues and prevents future problems.

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